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How do I receive Delivery-Genie address
After you sign up for a new account, we will determine your box number and generate a shipping addresses for you. All available shipping addresses will be available on your Delivery-Genie Account.

Is this a PO BOX address?
Many sellers do not ship to PO BOX addresses. The reason is that FedEx, UPS and DHL do not deliver packages to PO BOX. Our address is not a PO BOX address. We are a regular office building and warehouse staffed with full time employees from 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM Monday through Friday, therefore there is always someone available to receive incoming packages. Just because part of your address is mailbox or suite number does not mean it is a PO BOX address.

Is your service available to customers in my country?
Our service is available to customers all over the world except Iran, North Korea and Sudan. Please check shipping restrictions for your country (FedEx, USPS, TNT, DHL).

How much does it cost to ship a package to my country?
To receive a free quote, please use our Shipping Calculator . Enter your country, the weight of the package, and ZIP codes. You can select how each package will be sent. Just log in to your account and change shipping method. Postage is automatically recalculated.

What services do you offer and what are the fees?
We have plans. One for INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES and VIRTUAL MAILBOX. See more details here. You can upgrade to VIRTUAL MAILBOX anytime you want. And you can also downgrade to INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES and pay no monthly fees. All changes can be made on your account. Your mailbox number will remain the same.

We offer other additional services. You can request SPECIAL INSTRUCTION for each package on your account. For example, if you want to check whether or not a particular store included all items in your purchase, or if you want us to check if the package is in good shape (electronics, notebooks, cameras, etc.). Another example of special instruction is helping with returns, warranties issues, etc. Click here for our service Terms & Conditions.

For some special instructions we are forced to charged higher fee due to the time needed to fulfill them. The most common type of such instruction is request to split one package into different packages.

Can you consolidate my packages into one bigger package?
Yes, we can consolidate package as long you signed up for our VIRTUAL MAILBOX plan. If you have signed up for our INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE plan, we do not offer consolidation. Virtual Mailbox costs only $50 per year and you can upgrade anytime. Your mailbox number will stay same.

How do you fill out custom declaration for each package?
When we receive new packages, we will notify you by email. You will need to log in to your account. There you will see what has been received and you will be able to update information for customs (description, value, etc.). See our tutorial about filling out customs declaration.

Please note, a correctly filled customs declaration is your duty and responsibility. If you are not sure what is inside the package (if the merchant divides one purchase into multiple packages), we can open it and check the content. Use Special Request when you login to your account.

Do you provide the COD (Collect on Delivery)?
We can complete assisted purchases for you and forward any package to your home address, however, we do not provide COD forwarding.

Can I receive mail (letters, catalogs, magazines) too?
Yes, but first change the setting on your account for your services to include receiving mail too, otherwise the mail will be discarded. We also offer FAST MAILOUT option for letters and magazines with mail out fee of just one dollar. You have to provide notarized 1583 form and two copies of ID if you want to receive letters.

How will Delivery-Genie know the package is mine?
As soon as you complete you registration, we will assign a mailbox number to you. You will use this box number with your name and our address as the shipping address. Once any package arrives we will see your name and mailbox number on it. We will notify you by email and you will also see the package on your acccount.

Should I notify Delivery-Genie of any incoming packages?
You do not have to notify us of any incoming packages. We will notify you by email as soon as we receive the package because it is necessary to fill the customs declaration (description, value and item count).

Can I add an additional name on the account?
Yes, you can. There is no additional cost. Just add them on your account under OTHER NAMES. These must be real persons and we reserve the right to require notarized 1583 form and two copies of ID for additional persons.

How to file a claim for lost package?
Please read this tutorial explaining how to file a claim for not delivered package. It applies to package not delivered to Delivery-Genie warehouse or packages not delivered to you. If you see that package was delivered to our warehouse and not entered in your account in 24 hours please click on FILE A CLAIM link on your Delivery-Genie account.

That is the fastest way to find your package. Please do not email us instead. Use the File a Claim link on your client account.

In case you have a concern that package has missing item we need a proof that items are really missing (confirmation of loss of weight from your local customs or postal service) or pictures taken from package while it was still in our warehouse (pictures can be taken for only $2 with special request).

What if we lose your package in our warehouse?
If we cannot locate your package in our warehouse we will notify you. It sometimes happens that package is misplaced. Most of the time we will find your package. We just need some time as we have thousands of packages. We employ humans and they do mistakes! Unfortunately. We will ask you to provide copy of invoice or purchase form. If we cannot find your package you will get fully compensated. Please make sure that value filled on customs declaration is the same as value provided on the invoice.

I believe Delivery-Genie made a mistake processing my package.
If you think package has incorrect weight, dimensions, or consolidation and special request were not processed correctly you can notify us. Please do not email our customer support as this will only delay processing. Select the package on your account. Click on Special Request and choose REPORT MISTAKE option. If Delivery-Genie truly did a mistake you will not get charged anything and it will be fixed ASAP. False reports are charged $2 to cover the work of double checking. You can place just one incident report at the time.

Are there any items that cannot be shipped?

There are some items that are restricted and cannot be shipped with any carrier. This includes:

  • Firearms parts, gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc.
  • Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.
  • Flammable items
  • Pornography
  • Explosive material
  • Corrosive materials
  • Human remains
  • Live or dead plants or animals
  • Any Electronic equipment or any equipment that requires ECCN# (Export Control Classification Number). For carrier restrictions you can check the list on the calculator directly.

What shipping methods do you offer? Can you use my billing account for Fedex, DHL or TNT shipment?
We support only the shipping methods shown in our calculator . Please enter weight and dimension of the package to see how it will be shipped. If you don’t see certain shipping method it is not supported. Sorry, but we do not support third party billing accounts.

Can you make an exception and use some other shipping method not shown in your calculator?
Our low pricing is based on automation and approved shipping methods we currently use. Please check what shipping methods we offer before shipping any packages to us. We have wide range of shipping methods we offer. If we have to manually handle any shipment with different shipping company we need to charge $35 per hour time to prepare all shipping documents.

What are your bank account details to send money by wire transfer?
Name: Delivery-Genie LLC
Account name: Delivery-Genie LLC
Account number: (you will see it on the order form when making deposit payment)
Bank info: Citibank
Address: 3900 Paradise Road Ste 127 Las Vegas, NV 89169
Reference code: CBGCON (this will assure better exchange rate)

We do not provide an IBAN number as it is not used by U.S. banks.
We charge $16 incoming wire transfer fee. Do not send too small amounts.

What other payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards (except in certain countries), Paypal, Bitcoin and wire transfer. Always submit payments through our order forms only. Just log in to your account and click on ADD DEPOSIT. For payments over $500 please use a wire transfer or Bitcoin otherwise the payment might be held for longer period of time to clear. The order form will automatically offer accepted payment method.

What is a spending limit on accounts?
Every account has a spending limit. New accounts have lower spending limit. Established accounts have high spending limit. Spending limit means how much you can spend for postage or other services by credit card or Paypal payment method. Your spending limit will rise as you use our services. Wire transfer payments, Bitcoin payments or payments through payment partners don’t have any spending limit. You might need to send a wire transfer to ship the first package. You can also increase the limit by providing notarized form 1583 and two copies of your id (see the form 1583 on your account). Original notarized FORM 1583 will increase your limit by 50%.

What is the deposit for?
If you would like to use our services more frequently, you can pre-pay postage by using the deposit option. This way you don’t have to pay for every package separately. Log in to your acccount. There you will see your current balance and link for paying an additional deposit.

Are there any extra fees?
There is a 4.3% bank fee only on postage or assisted purchases. We don’t charge the bank fee on payments for our services, but only for shipping cost. The reason is that sometimes postage can be expensive. For example postage for one package can cost $200. We charge $2 our fee for forwarding the package. But the credit card company will charge us 4.3% for any incoming international payment, so we will receive only $2 and pay $8.60 in bank fees. The fee covers the cost of receiving the banking charges.

If you don’t want to pay the 4.3% bank fee please send us a wire transfer or use Bitcoin. We will automatically add 4.3% to any wire transfer or Bitcoin payment. However, for wire transfer, we also charge $16 incoming flat fee for receiving the transfer.

What phone number should I use when placing an online order?
Some online stores will ask for a US phone number. Do not place Delivery-Genie phone number otherwise your order would be most probably cancelled which is because if the seller receives several orders on different names and credit cards but with the same phone number their system could detect it as a risky order so you need to place your own phone number. You can get a US phone number with many online services such as http://www.skype.com/en/features/online-number/, http://www.spokn.com/ or http://www.tollfreeforwarding.com/

Or you can install Whistle phone appplication on your smart phone which will allow you to have a US number created for free with the option to choose the area code as well https://www.whistlephone.com/

What can I do if merchant requires me to have US debit card with US billing address?
Some online stores will ask you to pay with US debit card. Thanks to our cooperation with USunlocked, you can easily get your own US debit card with US billing address. Visit our USunlocked site for more details.

What if my account is on security hold? Can I use someone else’s credit card or Paypal account?
The name on the credit card/Paypal account must match that on the Delivery-Genie account. If account holders on the payment account do not match that on your Delivery-Genie account, your account will need to be fully verified (notarized 1583 from both Paypal/credit card owner and Delivery-Genie account holder). We will close accounts in case we are notified by merchants that a stolen credit card was used.

There are few legitimate exceptions and we allow them only if you provide notarized form 1583 from both you (account owner) and person making payments on your account. The original form must be notarized and mailed to us with two forms of ID (driver license, passport).

1583 form, copy of two forms of IDs is required by USPS (American postal service) in case you want to receive packages or mail by USPS shipping method. Log in to your account and print pre-filled 1583 form. Sign and notarize your signature and mail original with two forms of ID as soon as possible.

If we receive a chargeback, and it is found that a third party credit card or Paypal was use, your account will be closed immediately.

I am a merchant who shipped product to your customer and got a chargeback.
Store owners, please contact us immediately if you are a victim of credit card fraud. If we find that a stolen credit card was used, we immediately send packages back to you. We have zero tolerance policy. Fraud accounts are immediately cancelled.

We also offer a program where we can guarantee you all sales if they are purchased directly by us. Don’t loose international sales and let us keep the risk of accepting international payments.

What does the Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum status mean?

You might have noticed a small icon next to your name in your Delivery-Genie account. We recognize top customers with Silver , Gold and Diamond status. In 2015 we are adding also Platinum status. If you reach certain level in your yearly shipping volume you can achieve such status. You need 10 points for Silver status, 20 points for Gold status and 30 points for Diamond status. You need 100 points to reach Platinum. You get one point: for shipping a package over 5 lbs, 0.5 point for shipping a package under 5 lbs, one point for processed Assisted Purchase, one point for Monthly Virtual Mailbox upgrade and five points for Annual Virtual Mailbox upgrade. You can pre-pay additional years for virtual mailbox to get points faster. For example paying for two years of virtual mailbox will give you 10 points and Silver status.

There are different benefits available for each status. Click on the status symbol on your account to see benefits available to you. The benefits include free package processing fee, free consolidations and discounts on shipping methods. The amount of discount on each shipping method can change every quarter. If you select two discounts for the same shipping method only the highest discount applies. Benefit for Free Processing fee applies to $2 per package processing fee which is not charged if the benefit is selected. Surcharge for heavy packages over 30 lbs is always charged even if you choose free processing fee.

Benefits must be chosen prior to using the service described. You have to select the specific benefits you want to use before sending your package. Only after you select them, you will receive your discounts. You will not get any discounts if you do not select benefits upfront.

Important: You can select and use benefits only if you have a virtual mailbox account!

New in 2015: You can get your status and discounts faster. You can buy the points immediately (see your client account). We are also introducing new Platinum status which will give you all benefits available.

Additional Delivery-Genie locations
Verified customers can obtain additional addresses (for example Tax free Oregon location) to receive their packages.

How to close Delivery-Genie account
Email customer support with your name and mailbox number. The email should come from the same address as on your Delivery-Genie account.